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What is the visitor profile of your institution ? - In the foreground of every project are the specific questions posed to the visitor by our clients.


Case Study / Advertising / Städel Museum Frankfurt am Main
The Städel Museum uses data to determine the right time for their adverstising, especially poster campaign. Precise analyses are used to choose the right time for the campaign before, during and at the end of the exhibition.
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Case Study / Visitors' Profil/ Pinakotheken München
The Pinakotheken München use data to measure the visitor's profile of each of their 3 museums and exhibitions. Through precise analysis, it was found out why visitors visit individual exhibitions and each museum.
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Case Study / Strategy / Stadt Museum Schleswig
The Stadt Museum Schleswig uses data to orient the museum economically and strategically to its visitors. Through precise analyses, optimal opening hours of the exhibition portfolio were suggested, personnel costs were reduced such that maximum visitor utilisation can be achieved.
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Our clients

A selection of our customers who specifically measure their program, visitor experience, advertising impact through data.